There are no facts, only interpretations.(PART.1)

「沒有事實 只有詮釋( To Hide Something)」2016 CROTER Solo Exhibition

島嶼  Island
成為一座島嶼有時候是絕望的    像是潮濕的紙箱吸滿了哀傷的冰冷潮水    像是沒有領航員的船隻( 只是紙摺成的船吶! )
像是無法定錨經常易主的海上船塢    像是海盜環伺的貨輪    但我仍愛著 深愛著    即便我懷中抱卵置換成沉默的石塊    那仍是我未出世的孩子
至少他們安靜的陪伴守護    避免波浪滔洗    而那些偷走一切的賊子們    我用餘生詛咒他們    願他們的良知都被灌製成消波塊    

Sometimes it’s despair to become an island.It’s like a wet paper box soaks in the cold tide of sorrow.It’s like a ship (made of paper) without a navigator.It’s like an offshore dock that changes hands easily and cannot be anchored.It’s like a cargo ship surrounds by the pirates.But I am still deeply in love with this island even replacing the egg in my arms with a silent stone.That is still my unborn child.At least they accompany me quietly to avoid the waves wash over me.And for those thieves who steal everything, I’ll curse them during the rest of my life.May their conscious all cast into tetra pods and become their unloadable burden.

我就是那個心中有著大石頭的人     I Am the One with a Big Rock in My Heart

總統府 Office of the President

銀河/ 誤認   Galaxy / Mistaken
把所有沒有反射光的物體    都當作是認同    我的夥伴我粗糙的表面不曾泛著任何光芒    連我的心也是
黑暗是我的摯友    直到你揹著火箭    沿著人馬座A 的弧線著陸    揚起一陣宇宙的風    
向我展現了你精心切割的星光    在你飄動的裙擺    一條若影若現的銀河
I consider all objects that do not reflect lights as my companions.My rough surface does not emit any radiance, so does my heart.The darkness is my best friend, until you carry the rocket on your back and land along the arc of Sagittarius A and cause a cosmic wind to blow.Show me the carefully cut shining star on your swinging skirt like a vague galaxy river.

人造衛星 Artificial satellite

點心 Snack
把我奉上給你了    就像在暖呼呼的蒸籠裡    等待上菜時候也    猜測你的心是否還為我溫熱
I give myself up to you just like inside a hot warm steamer, while waiting for the dishes to be served and also guessing that is your heart still warm for me?

鈕扣 Button
有天我在古老的巷弄中    一間販售鈕扣店舖裡    在哪些數不盡的方盒裡    那些淫巧精細光彩閃目各式各樣的鈕扣    為你挑選了一顆    縫上了自己
也代表我將被固定在這裡    連同那匹在我心中老是亂撞的小鹿
One day in an old ally there’s a button shop and in that shop there are countless square boxes with all kinds of delicate shining buttons.I pick one for you and sew myself on.It means I will be fixated here and so does the butterfly flying ruthlessly in my stomach.


20 歲 Twenty-years-old
宣告成為一個自信的個體    獨立的    再也不是別人的棋子    再也不是分配的籌碼    再也不是無名的阿貓阿狗
因為我們終於可以在未來表格裡新增欄位    蓋上決定的印記    並且替你我的明日另存新檔
I declare that I have become a confident individual. independent. Not someone else’s pawn anymore.Not bargaining chips waiting to be distributed anymore.Not any Tom, Dick, and Harry anymore.Because we can finally add a new column into the future’s form, stamp a resolve mark and save as a new file for ours tomorrow


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